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June 19, 2013
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It was a typical Wednesday in the sewers. There was no training, so everyone was free to do whatever. Raphael was in his room talking with Spike, Donatello and April were working on something in the lab, and Ember was showing Michelangelo how to cook. Karai, though, was in a terrible mood. Everyone knew not to cross Karai when she was in a bad mood, so they avoided her…but Leonardo was gonna find out what’s wrong.

Leo saw Karai sitting on the couch alone polishing her swords. He went up to her.

“Hey, Karai” Leo greeted.

“Hey” Karai greeted back coldly.

Leo rubbed the back of his neck. “So…I noticed that you’re in a bad mood today. You wanna talk about it?”

“Not really” Karai replied.

Leo tried to think. “Look, I don’t like seeing you upset, so how about we spar?”

Karai just looked at Leo confused. “What?”

“Sometimes when none of us want to talk about our emotions, we spar our anger out” Leo explained. “It’s the best way to get rid of that anger.”

Karai thought for a moment before turning to Leo and nodding.

In the dojo, Leo and Karai were sparring.

“I’m just confused…and hurt!” Karai exclaimed as she went to slice Leo. Leo blocked her sword. “Why would Shredder lie to me all these years about what really happened to my mother?”

Leo pushed her back and they circled each other. “I’m sorry you’re feeling this way.” He charged and she charged as well. They started fighting again. “But you can’t…let these feelings…get in the way of everything.”

He went to slice her, but she blocked his katanas with her sword.

“I can’t help it!” Karai exclaimed. “Shredder tried to save Tang Shen, but he couldn’t.”

Leo’s eyes went wide with shock. “T-T-Tang Shen?”

Karai pushed Leo off and pinned him to the ground. “Y…your mother…was Tang Shen?” Leo asked.

“Uh, yeah” Karai replied. “Why?” She got off and helped Leo up.

Leo was shocked. Karai couldn’t be…but there was no other explanation.

Splinter came out when he didn’t hear anything. He was worried.

“Is everything alright in here?” Splinter asked. Leo looked at Splinter shocked. “Leonardo, what is it?”

“Sensei…Karai’s mother…” Leo was too shocked for words.

“Karai’s mother?” Splinter asked.

“Karai’s mother…was Tang Shen…” Leo’s voice trailed.

Splinter was surprised at this. He didn’t know what to say. He was at a loss for words.

“Leo, what’s going on?” Karai asked.

“Karai…” Splinter began, tears filling his eyes “your mother…was my wife…” his voice trailed as the tears fell from his eyes and stained his cheeks.

“What?!” Karai asked shock.

“You are my long-lost daughter…Miwa” Splinter explained.

“No…no, it can’t be!” Karai exclaimed. “Shredder said that Tang Shen died in a fire and my father left…forgetting about us.”

“That is not what happened, Karai” Splinter said. “Shredder started a fight with me one night. He was mad that I married Tang Shen. He loved her, too. He had wanted to kill me…but instead, he set my house to fire and killed your mother, Tang Shen. I never found you, so I thought you had died. Though, it would seem that Shredder took you in and raised you as his own.”

Karai just stood there speechless. She could barely take anything in. Splinter walked over to the shelf and picked up the picture of him with Tang Shen and their baby. He brought it over and showed it to Karai.

“Is this what your mother looked like?” Splinter asked.

Karai looked at the picture in shock. Tears filled her eyes. She took a crumpled up picture of Tang Shen out of her pocket and held it up to the picture that Splinter had. Both girls looked the same. Karai’s tears flowed freely now as she realized that Splinter was correct…he was Karai’s father.

Karai looked up at Splinter. There was a brief pause before Karai hugged Splinter and started crying. Splinter hugged her back and held her in his embrace. He stroked her hair and back. He, too, was crying freely as he realized that his daughter was alive and well for all these years. They both kneeled down. Leo just watched as his father and Karai hugged and cried. They were both overwhelmed with emotions.

After what seemed like an eternity, Karai and Splinter let go of each other and Splinter wiped her tears away.

“My daughter…welcome home” Splinter said.

“Thank you…father” Karai replied while smiling.

“Come on” Leo said. “Let’s go tell everyone the news.”

Splinter and Karai got up and they went to the living room. Leo texted everyone to come out and they did as he asked.

“What’s up?” Ember asked.

“Everyone, I have some big news” Splinter said. Tears started forming in his eyes. “Karai…is my long-lost daughter…Miwa.”

Everyone’s jaw dropped as Splinter said this. No one could believe it.

“It’s true” Leo said. “Karai’s mother was Tang Shen.”

“Sensei…that’s just…wow” April said.

“Yeah…I can’t believe it” Raph said.

“Oh, it’s true, alright” Karai said. “I didn’t believe it at first, but after I compared the picture of my mother to the picture that Splinter…my father had, I knew it was true.”

“Well, welcome to the family, sis!” Mikey said happily as he gave Karai a hug.

Everyone else got up and hugged Karai as well, welcoming her to the family. It was weird at first, knowing that Karai was actually Splinter’s daughter, but in time, everyone got used to it. Splinter was very thankful to have his daughter alive and with him after all these years. Now the family was complete.
Karai finds out that she is Splinter's long-lost daughter...Miwa. How do they react? Read and find out! :)

Based on the 2012 series.
The turtles belong to Nickelodeon. Ember is mine.
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